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What we do

ecoLocked is your partner for decarbonizing construction. We develop novel recipes for concrete and other building materials: CO2-optimized, lighter, more insulating, and with many other features that can be customized to different applications. All our recipes are based on ecoLocked Materials – admixes derived from biocarbon, a CO2-negative material obtained from organic waste. Our current project: developing net zero concrete.

Why that is important

Concrete is the second-most consumed material on earth and its use is expected to double between today and 2060. Already today, the production of cement clinker, the key ingredient of concrete, is responsible for 8% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

While the construction sector has committed to reaching net zero by 2050, it is lacking scalable approaches to achieve that goal. Even if all currently available technologies could be applied jointly and at scale, only a 50% emission reduction would be realized.

Meanwhile, the world is in need of carbon removal at a gigaton scale. Biocarbon production is among the most efficient, and most mature removal technologies and the biocarbon that results from it is a versatile material with enormous potential in construction. Therefore, we dedicate our work to the development of value-added uses of biocarbon in building materials – thereby providing a scalable and affordable decarbonization approach for the construction sector.

How it works

Our admixes are seamlessly integrated with existing production processes and do not require significant capital investments. Moreover, they are complementary with the majority of other decarbonization approaches, including SCMs and concrete recycling.

ecoLocked materials enable decarbonization in three ways:

Carbon removal

We permanently store sequestered CO2 in the built environment – thereby compensating hard-to-abate emissions from the cement production

Direct emission reduction

Our recipes reduce the need for CO2-intensive ingredients like cement

Lifetime emission reduction

Our admixes enhance buildings’ energy efficiency and accelerate the lifetime energy sequestration of concrete

Get in touch if...

  • you are a real estate developer, architect, construction company, or producer of concrete products looking to decarbonize your projects’ CO2 footprint
  • you are a biochar producer or trader looking for value-added applications your materials
  • you are a producer of organic waste looking to give that waste a purpose
  • you want to accelerate the use of low-carbon concrete in any other way

Let’s act jointly — and lock away carbon for thousands of years!


ecoLocked materials: the easy way to decarbonize concrete

ecoLocked building materials

ecoLocked materials are concrete admixes designed to reduce the embodied CO2 footprint while at the same time improving the functional performance of concrete. Their integration is simple and happens directly at the concrete plant where conventional inputs like cement are partially substituted based on our customized recipes!

Using our technology platform, we are currently building a portfolio of CO2- and performance-optimized concrete recipes and corresponding admixes across multiple classes and applications. Stay tuned for further information!

About us

Dedicated to climate action and passionate about impactful solutions.

ecoLocked was formed from the strong desire in each of us to contribute to climate action – and to do it fast. Knowing that the pace of industrial emission reduction is insufficient, we quickly realized that the 1.5° target can only be reached with the additional fast scale-up of carbon removal technologies. And we are convinced that biocarbon production is the most powerful of them all, because it:

  1. is incredibly efficient and cost-effective thanks to the use of waste inputs, low operating costs, and the recycling of excess pyrolysis gas
  2. returns a material with tremendous potential in a range of industries, including agriculture, water filtration, and last but not least: construction

In September 2021, we started building ecoLocked with the aim to provide a scalable solution for the decarbonization of the built environment and at the same time enable carbon removal at scale. We have not slowed down since and are proud to present our diverse team of multidisciplinary experts and climate enthusiasts!


Meet the team


Mario Schmitt

CEO & Co-founder

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Steff Gerhart

CCO & Co-founder

G-t-M | partnerships | supply chain

Micheil Gordon

CTO & Co-founder

product | tech | operations

Nsesheye Susan Priebe

Head of R&D for cementitious materials

research | materials dev

Chinmay Save

Chief of Staff

strategy | finance | org

Gilberto Nery

Principal R&D Engineer

research | materials dev

Miriam Straub

People & Operations Manager

hr | finance | org | marketing

Giorgio Ponte

Founders' Associate

G-t-M | marketing | ops

Alejandro Castilla

Supply Chain Manager

supply chain | partnerships
New hire

In transition

Senior R&D Engineer

research | materials dev
New hire

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Want to help change the construction sector's climate trajectory? We'd love to hear from you!

ecoLocked is committed to make diversity, equity, and inclusion part of everything we do – and it all starts with how we build our team. We are proud to have build up a highly diverse teams with 9 different nationalities and strong female representation in all teams and levels.

– The founding team

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