Truly carbon negative.

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Our Vision

100 megatons of CO2 impact per year


We are developing ecoLocked materials: CO2-reduced (and soon carbon-negative) concrete admixes. We also offer high-quality biocarbon, certified long-term carbon removal, and green energy.


Concrete is the second-most consumed material on earth after water and expected to double between today and 2060. The production of cement clinker, the key ingredient of concrete, is responsible for 8% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

While the construction sector has committed to reaching net zero by 2050, it is lacking scalable approaches to achieve that goal. Even if all currently available technologies could be applied jointly and at scale, only a 50% emission reduction would be realized. Therefore, we dedicate our work to the development of a scalable decarbonization approach for concrete based on carbon removal.


ecoLocked materials enable decarbonization in three ways:

Carbon removal

We hack the natural carbon cycle by locking sequestered CO2 in biocarbon

Carbon reduction

We substitute cement and prevent emissions from limestone calcination

Carbon storage

Our materials enhance the buildings' energy efficiency while enabling them to sequester further CO2

Whether you are a real estate developer looking to decarbonize construction projects, an industry player who needs to offset emissions, or a producer of organic waste looking to give that waste a sustainable purpose: ecoLocked is your partner of choice. Let’s act jointly — and lock away carbon for thousands of years!


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Carbon removal credits
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This is us

First and foremost, we are all seriously passionate about climate and creating a positive impact.


Mario Vaupel


Responsible for ecoLocked’s corporate strategy, finance, investor relations and organizational development

Steff Gerhart


Responsible for business development and growth as well as industry partnerships to ensure the product-market fit

Micheil Gordon


Responsible for all technical aspects of the ecoLocked business model as well as managing R&D and product development

Want to help change the construction sector's climate trajectory? We'd love to hear from you!

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European Social Fund
Berlin Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises
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Steinbeis Hochschule School of Management and Technology
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Greentech Alliance
RWTH Aachen University
West Pomeranian University of Technology
One Point Five Ventures

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You are an investor, real estate developer, general contractor, feedstock supplier, can see yourself working or partnering with us, or are just generally interested to learn more about what we do? Please reach out - fighting climate change is a true team effort!